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What actually Funnearn App is? How you can earn real cash from Funnearn App? Unique and different ways to earn real money and tricks to play various games and earn money. Earn Money by referring.

Everyone loves to earn money in today’s world. Money is the basic need of every individual and people are always in a search to earn money. Today you will get one more easy way to earn more money. This app provides you with the easiest way to earn money simply by playing games on it or referring the app to your friends, family etc.

Funnearn App Refer And Earn Tips And Tricks

Funnearn App

Funnearn app is an app where you need to play games and earn money in your Paytm wallet easily. The only app which allows the players to compete with other players having the same skill level, and provide them with a fair chance to win. So, let’s check out all the necessary details of the Funnearn app and start earning money.

Firstly let’s check how to actually download this app.

Download Funnearn App

Steps to download the app.

  • First of all download the app from the given link
  • Install the app once it is downloaded.
  • Then Open the app, as the app is ready to use.

How To Use The Funnearn app?

AS you have installed the app, now follow the steps to start using the app.

  • Open the downloaded app on your device
  • Click on Sign Up
  • Enter Your Name, Mobile Number
  • Enter the REFER CODE :


  • Click on Sign Up
  • Verify your number with OTP
  • Allow the permission
  • Your app is ready
  • You can play one game as a trial
  • As you have Sign Up, you got 50 Lives

How To Play Games and Win?

As this is a gaming app, you need to play some games and win cash. So check out how to play games and earn money.

  • Open the Funnearn app
  • You can play 1 on 1
  • You can select Play carnivals or Play Bumper
  • Carnivals have games in which you need to first pay money and then play the game and win some amount of cash
  • The bumper has some tournaments which you need to join and then play

In this app, there are two options to play games and win.

First is Carnivals and the other is the Bumper.

Play Carnivals 

In carnivals, you need to pay fees of Rs.10, Rs.7, Rs. 5 and then you can win the prize money. Just open the carnivals option from the homepage and choose any game like Piano tiles, Choose the matching colour, and so much more. There you will also see the fees for the game, the winning prize, winners, and participants.

Play Bumper

The Bumper is like a tournament. If you want to join then click on Play Bumper from the homepage, then click on join. The tournament ends in some time which is mentioned there.

Refer and Earn Funnearn App

In this app, when you refer it to any of your friend you and your friend both will get lives only. This app does not give money for referring. But if you deposit some amount in the app to play games then you will definitely win good money. Now, check the steps to Refer to friends.

  • Open the app, there you will see Refer and Earn option
  • Click on it, you will see your refer code
  • It is written, When a friend joins from your given link they earn 50 Lives and you earn 20 Lives
  • Under that, there are options to share the app through Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter
  • Choose any app and share the link with your friends.

As we know, in this app you don’t get referral money, and you need to deposit some money to play games and win cash. You can also play games through lives but from this, you won’t get money.

How To Add Money on Funnearn App?

To play games and win real cash you definitely need to add money in this app. To learn how to add money.

  • Open the app and click on Wallet
  • There are 4 options from that click on Add Money
  • Enter the amount you want to add Rs.10, Rs.100 or any
  • Click on continue

Verification Needed.

The most important thing is to verify the documents. If you don’t verify the documents you will not be able to withdraw any money. To verify the documents and link your Paytm or Bank Account.

Verify Documents

  • Open the app and click on Verification
  • You can see three options Link accounts, Aadhar card, Address details
  • One by one click on the option and do verification
  • Link account of Paytm or Bank account
  • Upload Aadhar Card photo
  • Enter Your Address

How To Withdraw the Winning Amount?

As you will deposit money to play games, you will earn real cash. To withdraw that money follow the steps.

  • Click on Wallet option
  • Tap on Withdraw
  • Enter the amount and click on Transfer.

You can see my account is verified as I have submitted all the details.

NOTE: You need to verify your account first. If your account is verified then only you can withdraw your winning money.

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