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What do you mean by Qureka Pro App? How to download Qureka Pro APK? Use Qureka Pro App to earn paytm money. How to actually earn money by using Qureka Pro App?

There are so many apps available in today’s world that pay you real money for playing games. Many people don’t pay attention to those apps but now many of them pay actual cash for just playing simple games.

Qureka Pro App

Qureka Pro App is reffered as a gaming app, where one can play games and earn real money. Various games are listed on this app such as fruit Slash, CricketT20, Fantasy Cricket, Bubble shooter, Fruit Chop, Candy Burst, and much more. You can also earn by inviting friends.

So, let’s checkout all the details of the app Qureka Pro that are given below:

How to Download Qureka Pro App?

Download the Qureka Pro app and start earning money easily. Follow the given steps to download the app.

  • First of all download the app from the given link


Referral Code is C75351FF

  • Enter the refer code to get bonus.
  • Once it is downloaded, install it
  • Now Enter your Mobile Number and Verify it with OTP
  • Enter your Email ID
  • Click on Enter
  • Allow the permissions
  • That’s it! The app is successfully downloaded in your device
  • You will get Rs.6 as a Sign Up Bonus and 150 coins.

How To Play Games And Win on Qureka Pro App?

As you have downloaded the app, on the home page you will see all the games. Click on any of your favorite game and first play it for free. It is the best thing as you can first practice the game for free, then you can join the tournaments and win big. Follow the steps to play games.

  • Open the app and go to Games
  • There you will see all the games like Fruit Slash, Bubble Shooter, CricketT20, etc.
  • Click on any game
  • There you will see the option of playing the free game for Practice
  • You can see it is written, “PRACTICE & WIN Rs.2”
  • Play the free trial and then Go for Big

You can play games using coins and Money both. Just check the entrance fee before you play the game.

This is how you can play your favorite game and win real money.

Different Types Of Games Available

On Qureka Pro there are different games available and are very easy to play. All the games are played easily, so you can easily earn money.

List of Games available on Qureka Pro:

  • Fruit Slash
  • CricketT20
  • Fantasy Cricket
  • RiseUp
  • Bubble Shooter
  • BallShooter
  • Fruit Chop
  • Don’t Crash
  • Candy Burst
  • Happy Jump
  • Earth Hero
  • Box Tower
  • Save Panda

So, these are the games available at present on the app. If you want any new game then you can request them to add it.

Request To Add New Game

  • Just open the app and go to Games,
  • Scroll down the page till end
  • There you will see the option of REQUEST A GAME
  • Click on it and email them the name which you want.

Refer And Earn Up To Rs.100 Per Friend?

You can also earn money by referring friends. Share your invite link to your friends list and earn money. Follow the steps to refer your friends. For each refer you get Rs.5 in your VIP Wallet. You can withdraw this amount directly to your Paytm account without playing games.

  • First open the app and click on EARN which is at the bottom of the screen
  • There you will see the option to invite friends on Whatsapp, Instagram
  • Under that there is Copy & Share your invite link option.
  • Copy it and share it to your friends
  • You can get up to Rs.100 in deposit wallet for each referral friend
  • You will get Rs.5 per refer in your VIP Wallet

On this page you will see, it is written, invite friends and earn 50% Deposit cash. This means when you refer to your friend, they need to download the app from your link and deposit money in their wallet. Whatever amount they deposit, you will get 50% of it on their first deposit. Like, if they add Rs.100, you get Rs.50.

How To Earn Coins To Play Games?

These coins can be used to play games in the app. Now, let us see how to get coins to play games?

Method 1: Sign Up and Get 150 Coins

If you are a new user, then when you Sign Up you will get 150 coins. This is normal method to get coins.

Method 2: Enter the Details and Earn Coins

  • First of all open the app and click on the image or phone number at the top left side
  • Again click on the Profile
  • There you will see the list to update your profile and earn coins
  • Update Name: Earn 30 coins
  • Update Profile picture: Earn 30 coins
  • Enter Gmail : Earn 60 coins
  • Update Age: Earn 30 coins
  • Update city: Earn 30 coins
  • Update gender: Earn 30 coins

Likewise you get total of 210 coins from updating this list.

Method 3: Spin the Wheel and Earn

  • Open the app and click on wallet
  • You can see Coin Wallet option beside that you can see wheel
  • Click on it
  • Spin the wheel every day and get coins

How To Withdraw The Money?

Now, in the Qureka Pro app, you can withdraw from three wallet, one is Winning Wallet, second is VIP Winnings, and third is Fantasy Winnings. From the bonus wallet you can’t withdraw. You must use the Bonus wallet to play the games and win it then the amount will go in winning wallet.

  • Open the app and click on Wallet
  • There are options of Winning wallet, VIP, Fantasy. From these wallet you can withdraw the money
  • Click on withdraw, on any wallet in which you have money
  • Three of them has different limits so check it and then withdraw
  • When you will click on Withdraw you will the rules
  • You can withdraw money in Paytm or UPI only

Four Different Types Of Wallet

In the Qureka Pro App, there are four different types of wallet. Winning Wallet, Bonus wallet, Deposit Wallet, and Coins wallet.

  1. Winning Wallet – All the cash winnings that you have won by playing the games listed in this app will come in this wallet. You will be provided with the withdraw cash from this wallet only.
  2. Deposit wallet – All the money added using Paytm & UPI will appear in this wallet & once added. This money can only be used to play games and cannot be withdrawn.
  3. Bonus balance – All the cash rewards earned from Spin the Wheel, playing coin games, inviting games, welcome bonus will be added in this wallet.
  4. Coins Wallet – All the coin earned will appear here. These can be used to play coin games.

However, this is a relaunched app in the name of GameChamp app. We also wrote an article on GameChamp app, but it is shut down. So, all of them who were asking about Gamechamp can now play Qureka Pro.

Trick To Easily Earn Money By Playing Games

Here, we will show you some tricks for some of the games of Qureka Pro. Use this trick and play games, score higher and earn more. Check out the details below.

The process is very easy. First, we will tell you the trick for one game which is called Don’t Crash Game.

  • First, open the app, and play Don’t crash the game
  • As you go ahead the speed of the car becomes faster and it is hard to score more
  • Now, the trick is as follows
  • Open your Phone SETTINGS
  • You can search or go to Additional Settings
  • There scroll down and tap on Developer Options
  • Scroll down and enable SHOW SURFACE UPDATES
  • Now, go to Qureka Pro and Play the game Don’t crash
  • You can see the speed of the car gets slow, so you can easily score good points

This is the trick for one game, as all the games are different, they have different tricks. We will soon update different tricks for different games. Till then play this game and earn more.

There is also a Trivia Quiz show of Qureka which also gives good amount of money everyday. On this game you can earn by referring friends, play Quiz from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. And play Mega Quiz of 1 Lac on every Wednesday and Sunday.

FAQs Of Qureka Pro

1. Is Qureka Pro App Safe?

Yes, this app is 100% safe and secure.

2. Use of Coins in Qureka Pro?

Qureka Pro is a gaming app, so one can use the coins to play games.

3. What are championships?

Championships are basically the time based contests having a limited number of players. By paying entry fee you can enter any live championship. Entry Fee can be coins or cash.

Once you get yourself registeres, make sure you play many times and earn a good score. Only high scores are considered for ranks. Your winning amount is based on your rank

4. Is adding money to play, safe ?

Yes, adding money is absolutely safe.

5. How can I withdraw my money from Qureka Pro?

You can withdraw your money in Paytm Wallet or UPI. There are only two options available now.

6. Is KYC mandatory to withdraw money from Qureka Pro?

Yes, KYC is must to withdraw money.

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