Samsung deletes the cleaning app that sent usage data to China from its system

It happened at the beginning of the year. Samsung was accused of sending user data to servers located in China, and the brand soon came out in its own defence explaining what exactly happened. It all had to do with functions of Qihoo 360, an app (or, rather, a series of libraries) to, among other things, clean the internal storage of your phones more efficiently.

Samsung explained that the Qihoo 360 app did establish contact with its servers in China but only to determine how the phone storage that was using the tool in question would be optimized. QiHoo 360 was responsible for identifying which files on the phone could be marked as “junk” so that Samsung could later delete them. But now, this app has been deleted from the company’s phones.

Goodbye to Qihoo 360 and its libraries

The application has disappeared from version of “Device Care”, which in Samsung phones in Spanish is known as “Device Care”. In previous versions, when accessing the cleaning of the internal storage of a Samsung mobile, a button with “Release” appeared that executed the automatic cleaning.

It was this cleaning that made use of the Qihoo 360 libraries, and therefore connected to its servers, to tell the phone what could be deleted and what not automatically. Now the button has disappeared and according to Reddit, libraries are also absent from the system. We do not speak therefore of a disabling of its functions but of complete deletion.

So, and until further notice, there will be no intelligent cleaning function of the device, unless Samsung has developed its own that fulfils the same function that the Qihoo 360 service had when integrating with its system. Of course, we can still delete from documents to videos or audio files manually. In addition to this change, the new “Device Care” brings some performance and aesthetic improvements, in addition to getting better adapted to Android 10.

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