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9xmovies: Alternative Sites alike 9x movies to watch movies online free

All types of movies can be downloaded on 9xmovies, whether they are comedy movies or action movies, you can download them in any of your mobile, computer or laptop and watch a movie of your choice. The number of users who use this website is about 1 million each month, the best reason is that it gives the user the ability to download the movie for free.

9xmovies Site is a website for download of pirated movies, which lets you watch Class Wise and Country Wise Movie. You can download the latest movie on this website as well as download the latest release movie, see 9xmovies Video and TV Series. This is a great movie streaming website.

There is no need to do any kind of registration for using 9x movies Site. The user is easy to get, so different sections are given to download the movie on this website. In the Suggestions option on the homepage, you can see which movie has been viewed the most frequently in the last week. Similarly, you can see which is the most viewed movies in the month. It is also given on this website that how long the movie is.

9xmovies offers a variety of options, such as by clicking Country option, you can see according to your country or country of the movie you want to watch, in Genre section you will find all categories of movies like Romance, Drama Movies, History, Adventure, Thriller, and many more movies are available in this option. 9X Movies also offers TV Series view. In the Search Bar, you can search and download any movie you like.

IMDb Rating is also shown on this site. Which gives a rating to Top Movies by IMDb. On 9xmovies Site, you also have the option to share a link to Site on Social Media. Like Facebook, Twitter, Email, Pinterest can Share and Like by.

It is not dangerous to use the 9x movies site, but if you want to keep your device safe or save your device from Malware, then you can use Antivirus for it. On the Internet, you will find many Antivirus applications, which can help you save your device from Junk and Malware.

Friends, now you can download the movie through 9xmovies Site and enjoy your favorite movie while sitting at home. The best thing about it is that you can enjoy watching different types of movies on this free, watching Netflix videos, watching TV shows of your choice. 9xmovies is a very convenient website where you can find all kinds of movies.

Looking for a site like 9xmovies to watch movies, Alternative sites like 9x Movies, Sites which are similar to 9xmovies, 9X Movies alternatives, Similar sites alike 9xmovies

Looking for a site like 9xmovies to watch movies? Alternative sites like 9x Movies? Sites which are similar to 9xmovies? 9X Movies alternatives? Similar sites alike 9xmovies?

In this list, we have prepared up to 14+ 9xmovies alternatives where you can watch free movies and online from your computer or mobile so you can spend the best moments enjoying the seventh art.

But, before starting, checkout:

Sites like 123movies

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1. Archive ORG

Looking for a site like 9xmovies to watch movies, Alternative sites like 9x Movies, Sites which are similar to 9xmovies, 9X Movies alternatives, Similar sites alike 9xmovies
  • Website:
  • Featured: You have a lot of categories where you can watch online movies that are in the hall of fame.

Many times, the easiest thing we have in front of us, surely you did not know that “” is a real mine of good movies to watch for free in case 9xmovies is missing.

This portal not only serves to see old web pages, too, (it has a section called movies). The best thing is that we can see all kinds of things like, feature films, stock footage, short films or silent and famous movies.

But this is not all, on this page you can also enjoy the cinema noir, see the advances of the cinema or know the home movies.

Without a doubt, it has been one of the most surprising discoveries to have a good time, enjoying good movies with popcorn.

2. Pelis 24

On this site we will only find good action movies to spend some time entertaining watching our favorite movie actors.

Within movies 24 we can see faces like,  (Steven Seagal, Jackie Chan, Vin Diesel, Chuck Norris or will smith), among others.

Although not only we are going to stay in the actors of movies, the platform also allows you to download free movies in HD which isn’t available in 9x Movies, as well as see the most watched action series of the moment.

This site has been quite a discovery for me, I love spending the dead hours watching a good production of action in front of the computer.

3. Crackle

Looking for a site like 9xmovies to watch movies, Alternative sites like 9x Movies, Sites which are similar to 9xmovies, 9X Movies alternatives, Similar sites alike 9xmovies
  • Website:
  • Featured: you have the possibility to see the best American series.

If you have tried to enter this website, you will have realized that it is impossible, and to a certain extent it is, but if you know how to do it, you can enter and enjoy a lot of American series and movies.

One of the positive things about this site, is that you can enjoy a lot of “Hollywood movies”totally free, although, if yours is not English I doubt you can understand something.

If you want to access this platform, you must have a VPN client installed , which allows you to change the IP of your computer to enter and see the best blockbuster movies of the 90s, such as Ace Ventura and other old movies .

The interface of the platform is very simple and quite easy to use, in the upper part you will find the two main categories.

4. 123movies

  • Website:  123movies
  • Featured: you can see an endless list organized by more views.

If you are looking for a page that allows you to watch Chinese or American series other than 9xmovies, from 123movies you will have hundreds of titles at hand that will allow you to spend an unforgettable time.

On the web we can find movies for all audiences as well, such as television series that you would be impossible to see on your conventional channel.

The platform has a very nice and nice design that allows you to select the movies by year, gender or country, these functions are very interesting if we are looking for a special one.

It even has an option called “BOXOFFICE” that allows you to see the latest movies premiere, a wonder for addicts to the seventh art.

5. Popcornflix

I could say that Popcornflix is ​​a web like any other, but no, it is a rather unique site that allows you to (watch movies and TV shows).

In addition, you can watch free movies focused on different categories, by “new additions and more popular . ” The only negative thing about this site is that it is created for an English public.

However, they have a section where they show us movies in Spanish Spain, so nothing, you just have to do a little research until you find the one you like.

The platform is quite unique, it offers a directory of films grouped by genre , at the top you can choose to see one thing or another, at the discretion of the viewer.

6. Xmovies8

Looking for a site like 9xmovies to watch movies, Alternative sites like 9x Movies, Sites which are similar to 9xmovies, 9X Movies alternatives, Similar sites alike 9xmovies
  • Website:
  • Featured:  It’s a page where you can watch Marvel movies online.

Like other pages to watch online movies , on this site we can select our favorite feature films.

The only negative thing about Xmovies8 is that you can only watch movies in English, therefore, unless you know how to interpret the Anglo-Saxon language perfectly, you will not be able to understand it.

Looking at the positive point of the web, I could tell you that if you want to learn English with movies you just have to open any content.

If you develop well with the language, do not hesitate to enter, it is a good place to watch movies online from 2019 2018, 2017, 2016 and other even older ones.

7. Viewster

Looking for a site like 9xmovies to watch movies, Alternative sites like 9x Movies, Sites which are similar to 9xmovies, 9X Movies alternatives, Similar sites alike 9xmovies
  • Website:
  • Featured:  It is a perfect website for lovers of comics, gore and anime movies.

Although it seems like the typical page of movies and series for geeks , I encourage you to take a look because you can find authentic movie gems.

In this place, we will find Japanese series and very interesting titles of the whole manga industry, comic book movies, and Minecraft videos.

Therefore, if you like to watch manga series online, this site is for you, most series are aimed at a target audience. The web is quite simple, you can search what you want, see channels from other countries and even upload your own anime videos.

Come on, you just have to enter and start watching anime series online.

8. Legally free

Another quite unique site to watch legal online movies , with titles very similar to the previous one, but with a 100% platform in Spanish.

Within the web we will find films that we will rarely see in other movie websites, among them we highlight some as “how beautiful it is to live or Freaks, better known as the stop of monsters”.

The interface is quite simple, and although it does not allow us to search for the titles directly, at the top you will have a list of genres.

Even if we investigate a little inside the site, we can see that ecology documentaries are available .

9. Classic cinema online

  • Website:
  • Featured:  One of the few websites that allow you to watch online films from the 40s.

Without doubt it is one of the best platforms to watch classic movies online , within the web we can find essential titles like, ” the magician of oz, what the wind took, the great dictator, citizen kane “.

Although, what stands out most of the site, is not the possibility of finding ancient titles, but you can also watch silent films by Charles Chaplin , the first humoristic actor of the 20th century.

And this is not all, apart from finding very old films, it also allows us to see series that are also appreciated by the public of that time.

Within the site, we have the possibility of playing cowboy movies with actors like (John Wayne, Clint Eastwood or Gary Cooper).

10. TubePlus

It is another great option to watch movies online on the Internet with the highest audiovisual quality in HD. In addition, it is one of the few sites that allows you to watch movies in 4K.

When you enter you can do several things, for example, see the details, the actors, the scenes, visual images and even the movie poster.

If you register on the web, you will not only be able to have a good time, you will also have the possibility to evaluate, write comments or ask for the titles that you like the most.

And I can not forget that on this website you can watch Internet TV, with the most popular channels of the moment, such as “breaking bad or the walking dead” .

11. YouTube

Looking for a site like 9xmovies to watch movies, Alternative sites like 9x Movies, Sites which are similar to 9xmovies, 9X Movies alternatives, Similar sites alike 9xmovies
  • Website:
  • You can watch movies of: animation, action, adventure, thriller, comedy, classics, documentaries, drama, family, horror, LGBT, Indian cinema, musicals, mystery and suspense, romantic, science fiction, short films, sports, international cinema.

The Yotutube Movies service allows you to see a wide variety of films with the highest possible quality in streaming or high definition.

Within the platform you will find the most famous movie covers of all time , some like (Harry Potter, Jurassic World, Nightmares before Christmas) and other very popular titles.

Using the site has its advantages and disadvantages, the positive could be that you can buy movie premieres from the web to watch YouTube movies and play them from your computer, TV, mobile or console.

The negative would come to be that it is not a monthly subscription, but that you have to buy each cinematography.

12. Netflix

I want to start the list by mentioning one of my favorite pages to watch movies on smart tv , with netflix we can have all the series of the moment on our television.

Although, you can not only watch it on TV, you can also synchronize your account to view it from your mobile, computer even in WII U.

They also have a lot of series like “The Walking Dead” and others that you can not miss, so pay, can be a good option.

Another important point to note about the platform is that you can watch series, movies, documentaries and other streaming content. If you dare, you can have free netflix with the free one-month trial.

13. Amazon Prime Video

  • Website: primevideo
  • You can watch movies:  action, animation, adventure, science fiction, Spanish, family, classic, comedy, romantic, Disney, documentary, drama, horror, thriller, cowboys.

Lately the most famous company in the world does not stop to get new services, and how it was not going to be less, from “Amazon Prime Video” we can also watch movies online in Spanish taking advantage of the 30 day free trial.

The platform offers a number of advantages very different from other paid sites, among them the possibility of watching movies and prime video series or the cost, which comes out for only € 4.99 per month, much less than others like netflix. .

But, what I like most about this website is the possibility of enjoying any films anywhere with the application or even the possibility of identifying authors and songs from films with X Ray technology.

Come, now you only have to visualize and spend the best moments with the best movies anywhere.

14. Movistar Plus

Formerly, the “Movistar cine” platform was known as Yomvi, a service that allowed you to watch the best movies online and television channels in your home. However, it has been associated with different websites that allow you to watch movies on HD online, building one of the best places to play what we like the most.

One of the advantages of hiring movistar plus, is that you install a decoder on your TV that will allow you to see the premiere series and others produced by the brand.

In addition, enjoy all the movies of comedy, action, science fiction and others that will allow you to spend an unforgettable moment with your loved ones.

Without a doubt, it is a good option if you are looking to hire a film pack at a low cost.

Alternatives to 9xmovies to Download movies online for free

You already know that there are many sites similar to 9xmovies to watch movies online for free and complete, we can even download and play short films on the computer.

However, if you do not have a program, it is likely that you will take a few days until you can see the film. In this section, I have prepared what for me are the best tools to download and watch free movies.

1. uTorrent

Undoubtedly, this is the best program to download P2P files, uTorrent movies use its own protocol for the exchange of files, the developers of  ( BitTorrent ) designed this client, to search among millions of films uploaded by the users themselves.

Also, you have the possibility to play movies in uTorrent, because, besides being completely free, you have an integrated video player.

2. Ares Galaxy

This other program, like the previous function using the technology “per to peer or what is equal to peer network”, available for the exchange of files.

From the program, you can download free movies, and best of all is that since we can also download torrent movies since the program uses the same protocol.

3. BearShare

If we talk about BearShare we rely on Gnutella, another software for downloading files over the Internet that can be used perfectly to download free movies.

The only negative thing about this software is that to download anything you have to be connected to the Internet, only then will the download arrive. Although without a doubt it is a good program to download videos.

4. eMule

One of the mythical in downloading online movies and other files, with eMule you can watch free movies online using the eDonkey protocol itself.

The program is used only to fulfill 2 functions, download what you need for free and play the video thanks to its integrated player.

5. BitComet

For this last option, we leave you another one of those perfect software to download torrent files, since it uses a closed source protocol that is highly compatible with BitTorrent.

And of course, if we use the software we can download series and movies for free without paying absolutely any money. This program is developed only for windows

Conclusion – 9X Movies

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