AppBrowzer App Mod APK Download | Refer and Earn | Win Upto Rs.99 Per Refer

What do you mean bty AppBrowzer? How to download and install AppBrowzer app? Claim the signup bonus and best bonuses on this app. Tips and tricks to earn money on AppBrowzer. Redeem money on AppBrowzer.

What is AppBrowzer?

Everyone uses the internet nowadays. In order to access internet we definately uses some apps or browsers. But instead of having many apps you can have an access to only one app which will get your work done easily. AppBrowzer has a lot of features in it. Just download the app and enjoy access to all kind of famous Social Media sites, Shopping Sites, Food Delivery Sites, Hotel Booking Sites, and Best Deals sites also.

Do not miss and read the full blog to get information about it. We do not say that this is the perfect app browser but if you have low space on your phone and you need to have access to all new apps. Then this is the best thing for you. This app will give you a bonus every time you book a cab or order food. So it is a win-win situation for you. Your thing will get ordered and you will also have some extra bucks into your wallet.

How to Download AppBrowzer?

Some steps are given below which would help you to download AppBrowzer.

  • First of all download the AppBrowzer.
  • Allow all the permissions to access the AppBrowzer
  • Enter your mobile number and verify it with the OTP
  • You will be on the dashboard
  • That’s It! The app is ready to use.

How to Refer and Earn from AppBrowzer

It is really very easy to refer and earn on this app. Like other apps you just have to share the referral links with your friends, family and you are done as soon as they download via your link. You will get a referral bonus through it.

Steps for Refer and Earn via AppBrowzer

Follow the steps given below to refer and earn from AppBrowzer. When you refer to your friends and they download the app from your refer link, then you can earn up to Rs.99. Follow the steps to refer and earn.

  • First, open the app
  • There you will see Scratch and Earn section
  • In that, there is Invite option
  • Tap on it
  • Click on Invite
  • Share the link with your friends on Whatsapp, Facebook, or anywhere

For each successful signup from your link, you will be awarded with a scratch card having worth up to Rs.99.

If you need to know more about this kind of apps please check our blog post which contains all good Refer and Earn Apps.

Redeem or Withdraw money from AppBrowzer

  • First, open the app and click on the Menu
  • Then click on Wallet
  • Click on Redeem

Tips and Trick about AppBrowzer

  • By using this app you can always compare fare of cabs from the Uber or OLA app and this Browser
  • If your Phone has low storage then download this browser now you are good to go with all apps at one place
  • All you need is in one app that’s true
  • You can play many games on this app
  • Do refer and earn a good amount every day

Best Deals and Offer of AppBrowzer

Advantages of AppBrowzer

  • All best apps are at one place
  • Free to use all apps
  • No need to download all apps
  • In 30 MB we get access to all apps
  • Always use offers to earn some more money
  • Extra Discount on all stuff
  • Read News from all sites at one place
  • Order food, Book cab from one place
  • Easy to use and Easy Navigation
  • No Hidden or Extra Charges

Disadvantages of AppBrowzer

  • Too many ads
  • Sometimes it starts lagging
  • All apps will get accessed in web view mode
  • Can not be personalized according to your needs
  • It will eat your more data daily
  •  Redeem or Withdraw amount is 200

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