How to use bold, italic and strikethrough in WhatsApp

WhatsApp continues to improve its application, as we saw yesterday. The latest beta version of WhatsApp includes a lot of interesting and highly requested additions such as quick responses, multiple selection and more customization options with new solid colours to use in the background in conversations.

However, the most curious novelty of the latest WhatsApp beta is in the chat itself: compatibility with the simple text format. That is the support for writing in italics, bold and strikethrough.

You heard correctly, very soon your WhatsApp messages will stop being boring plain text to accept a minimum format. In fact, you can start using it, although only people with the WhatsApp beta will be able to see the result.

Format your text like this

So, the next time you want to send a message in which you want to emphasize something especially, you have the following resources at your disposal. All of them are based on wrapping the text you want to highlight in a special character.

  • Bold: To write in bold, wrap the text you want to highlight with asterisks. For example, * text * becomes text.
  • Italic: To write in italics, wrap the text you want to highlight with underscores. For example, _text_ becomes text.
  • Strikethrough: To cross out a text, wrap the text you want to highlight with virgulillas. For example ~ text ~ becomes text.

Nothing prevents you from combining these codes to write one text at a time in italics, bold and strikethrough, even if you probably go crazy along the way. WhatsApp does not include any button or method to make it easier to highlight specific text, so you must do everything manually.


FunnEarn App Refer and Earn Code | APK Mod | Referral Code Free

What actually Funnearn App is? How you can earn real cash from Funnearn App? Unique and different ways to earn real money and tricks to play various games and earn money. Earn Money by referring.

Everyone loves to earn money in today’s world. Money is the basic need of every individual and people are always in a search to earn money. Today you will get one more easy way to earn more money. This app provides you with the easiest way to earn money simply by playing games on it or referring the app to your friends, family etc.

Funnearn App Refer And Earn Tips And Tricks

Funnearn App

Funnearn app is an app where you need to play games and earn money in your Paytm wallet easily. The only app which allows the players to compete with other players having the same skill level, and provide them with a fair chance to win. So, let’s check out all the necessary details of the Funnearn app and start earning money.

Firstly let’s check how to actually download this app.

Download Funnearn App

Steps to download the app.

  • First of all download the app from the given link
  • Install the app once it is downloaded.
  • Then Open the app, as the app is ready to use.

How To Use The Funnearn app?

AS you have installed the app, now follow the steps to start using the app.

  • Open the downloaded app on your device
  • Click on Sign Up
  • Enter Your Name, Mobile Number
  • Enter the REFER CODE :


  • Click on Sign Up
  • Verify your number with OTP
  • Allow the permission
  • Your app is ready
  • You can play one game as a trial
  • As you have Sign Up, you got 50 Lives

How To Play Games and Win?

As this is a gaming app, you need to play some games and win cash. So check out how to play games and earn money.

  • Open the Funnearn app
  • You can play 1 on 1
  • You can select Play carnivals or Play Bumper
  • Carnivals have games in which you need to first pay money and then play the game and win some amount of cash
  • The bumper has some tournaments which you need to join and then play

In this app, there are two options to play games and win.

First is Carnivals and the other is the Bumper.

Play Carnivals 

In carnivals, you need to pay fees of Rs.10, Rs.7, Rs. 5 and then you can win the prize money. Just open the carnivals option from the homepage and choose any game like Piano tiles, Choose the matching colour, and so much more. There you will also see the fees for the game, the winning prize, winners, and participants.

Play Bumper

The Bumper is like a tournament. If you want to join then click on Play Bumper from the homepage, then click on join. The tournament ends in some time which is mentioned there.

Refer and Earn Funnearn App

In this app, when you refer it to any of your friend you and your friend both will get lives only. This app does not give money for referring. But if you deposit some amount in the app to play games then you will definitely win good money. Now, check the steps to Refer to friends.

  • Open the app, there you will see Refer and Earn option
  • Click on it, you will see your refer code
  • It is written, When a friend joins from your given link they earn 50 Lives and you earn 20 Lives
  • Under that, there are options to share the app through Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter
  • Choose any app and share the link with your friends.

As we know, in this app you don’t get referral money, and you need to deposit some money to play games and win cash. You can also play games through lives but from this, you won’t get money.

How To Add Money on Funnearn App?

To play games and win real cash you definitely need to add money in this app. To learn how to add money.

  • Open the app and click on Wallet
  • There are 4 options from that click on Add Money
  • Enter the amount you want to add Rs.10, Rs.100 or any
  • Click on continue

Verification Needed.

The most important thing is to verify the documents. If you don’t verify the documents you will not be able to withdraw any money. To verify the documents and link your Paytm or Bank Account.

Verify Documents

  • Open the app and click on Verification
  • You can see three options Link accounts, Aadhar card, Address details
  • One by one click on the option and do verification
  • Link account of Paytm or Bank account
  • Upload Aadhar Card photo
  • Enter Your Address

How To Withdraw the Winning Amount?

As you will deposit money to play games, you will earn real cash. To withdraw that money follow the steps.

  • Click on Wallet option
  • Tap on Withdraw
  • Enter the amount and click on Transfer.

You can see my account is verified as I have submitted all the details.

NOTE: You need to verify your account first. If your account is verified then only you can withdraw your winning money.


Mall91 App| Money 91| Trick Order Unlimited Products @Rs.1

What is actually Mall91 or Money91? How one can use Money91 App? Order products at Rs.1 and also one can earn Rs.3 per refer. You can refer and earn through Mall91 app. Buy products at cheap price at Mall91 Money91 App.

Today we are going to discuss the app from which you can earn by referring your friends and you can buy products at cheap rates. Yes, this app is a little bit different as you can buy the products which you want. You can get Rs.3 to sign up bonus and Rs.3 per refer on this app and you could also get awarded with mpoints which are necessary for shopping on this app. The more you have mpoints the more discount you get. Buy any product on this app for just Rs.1. So, what are you waiting for? Check out all the details below.

Download Mall91 Money91 App And Order Products At Just Rs.1 & Get Instant Paytm Cash

About Mall91 Money91 App.

Money91 app is an app where you can buy products, play games and earn money. You can buy whatever you want as there are things like, bands, house groceries, clothes, Jewelry, and many more things.

In the app, there is an offer to refer and earn. Once you log in and enter our refer code TW3XP  you will get Rs.3 and once you fill up your profile you get 10 Mpoints. And when you refer it to your friends and they download it from your link and enter you’re refer code you will get Rs.6 and 20Mpoints.

We will discuss all the details below. Check out the full post.

How to Download Mall91 Money91 App?

Follow the steps to download the app on your smartphone.

  • First of all, download the app from the given link or go to play store.
  • Install the app once it is downloaded
  • Then open the App
  • Select the Language Hindi or any (English is not available)
  • Enter your Phone number
  • Verify it with OTP
  • You are done. You can see Rs.3 Sign Up Bonus

If you want you can withdraw these Rs.3 in your Paytm wallet.

Fill Up Profile Details to Earn free MPoints

Follow the step by step guide to get Mpoints.

  • Open the app
  • On the home page click on the first option as shown in the picture
  • Now, enter your first name, last name, Date of birth, Profile Picture
  • And there only you will see the option of entering REFER CODE
  • There enter code TW3XP 
  • Now click on OK
  • Go back to the home page and refresh it
  • You will get 10Mpoints

Enter this refer code in order to attain the referral bonus.

Likewise, as you refer your friends and they use your refer code you will get Rs.6 and 20MPoints.

How To Refer And Earn Money and MPoints?

  • Open the app and on the homepage itself you will see your refer code
  • Besides the referral code, you can see the sharing option
  • Click on it and share with your friends on any social media app


  • Open the app and go to MENU
  • Click on referral
  • You will see your refer code
  • Besides that, you can see a sharing option
  • Share the app with your friends.

NOTE: Per refer you will be awarded Rs.6 and 20 MPoints.

Here you can see in my profile first there was Rs.3, as I got 1 referral I got Rs.6, so now, the total is Rs.9. And also got 20Mpoints.

How To Buy Products At Rs.1 on Mall91?

You might be thinking about how can you buy any product at just Rs.1, but yes, it is possible in Mall91. Download the app from the given link, enter the reference code, fill in the profile details.

Mpoints are necessary if you want a discount on any product. As you fill details of Profile you get 20 Mpoints, then you need to refer the app to your friends to get more Mpoints. Per refer you will be awarded 20Moints and Rs.3 cash. The more Mpoints you have the less money you need to pay.

Let’s check out how you can avail discount on your shopping.

  • Open the app, as of now my profile has 10Mpoints
  • Go To Mall91 which is at the bottom
  • Choose any product
  • And click on MY Price
  • You can see in the picture, the belt is of Rs.172 now is of Rs.139
  • In 10 points, Rs.33 got less
  • Likewise, if you have more Mpoints, the price will decrease more

This is how you can get any product at Rs.1.

How to Withdraw Money from Money91 App?

Get awarded with sign up bonus of Rs. 3 and Rs.6 as a referral bonus. So, all this money you can withdraw instantly without any worry. Follow the steps to withdraw your money.

  • Open the app and go to MENU
  • Click on the first option as shown in the picture
  • You can see I have Rs.3
  • Click on the option shown in the picture
  • As you have signed up with the mobile number it will show your number there so, make sure you enter your Paytm number,
  • Enter the Paytm number and the amount
  • Rs.3 you will get Rs.2.88 some tax will be deducted.

Benefits of Using Mall91 Money91 App.

There are two benefits of using this app. You can easily withdraw your referral bonus. Even Rs.3 can also be withdrawn. To achieve more discount on any product while shopping on this app, you require more Mpoints. This is the only app that is giving you these many benefits. Other apps ask you to play games or quiz then you can withdraw money and they don’t even have a shopping option. The plus point is you can Shop with less money and at the same time, you can earn money by referring it to your friends.

  • Earn cash by referring
  • Earn Mpoints and pay less while buying any product
  • Do shopping from the app
  • Play Games
  • Can buy a product at Rs.1 also if you have more Mpoints

Order Unlimited Products For Lower Costs By Using Tricks on Mall91 App

  • Earn Mpoints and Money by referring to this App.
  • Now the tricky part is here just download parallel space or start app cloning.
  • You just have to clone the app and create new accounts.
  • Use your own refer code into the apps which you have cloned.
  • Now you will have more MPoints and Refer bonus.
  • Mpoints could be beneficial for buying products at a lower price.

Lots App Referral Code Sign Up ₹50 + ₹10 Per Refer | Sign Up | Earn Money Online

What do you understand by Lots App? Refer and Earn Money through Lots App. Lots App also provides you with various Recharge Tricks. Must be Troubling How To Refer And Earn Money Through Lots App? Also, Enjoy Shopping from Lots App. Pay all your bills from Lots App.

Today we are here with a very useful app which actually can help you earn a lot of real money. The app is known as Lots App through which you can pay your bills, enjoy shopping and also could refer and earn money. So it’s time to check out the details of the app.

About the Lots App

This App is best for people who love to do online businesses. Sign up on this app only by using your mobile number. Provides the feature of sharing the content with your family and friends through Fb, Whatsapp, Instagram and take the order requests. Once you get the order request then transfer the money to your wallet or bank account and order the product on their behalf after adding your commission on it and this is how you can earn money on Lots App. Also, you can earn Rs.10 for referring to the app.

How To Get Registered On Lots App

Lots App have many different ways to register and log in, but you have to register from the given link.

NOTE: To get the signup bonus of Rs.50, sign up from the given link.

  • First of all register from the given link.

Registration Link

  • Then enter the details required like your name, email address, mobile number and the referral code.
  • Now click on sign up.
  • Hence you are finally registered on the app.

How To Download The Lots App

Follow the steps given below to download and log in to the app:

  • Download the app from Google play store or the given link.
  • Install the app and open it.
  • Then allow all the permissions required to run the app.
  • Thus the app is successfully downloaded on your device.
  • Now login on the app.
  • Click on the menu.
  • Tap on Login & Register
  • Now after that, they will ask for the same mobile number that you have entered while registering on the app.
  • Now an OTP will come on your registered mobile number.
  • Then tap on login.
  • After successfully logging into the app you will get the signup bonus of Rs.50.

So, this is how you could log in into the Lots App.

Offers on Lots App

From this app, you can get many offers and cashback. Check out what you can do to get the offers.

  • Mobile Recharge
  • DTH Recharge
  • Electricity Bill
  • Landline bill
  • Broadband
  • Cable TV
  • Gas
  • Insurance
  • Water Bill 

How To Withdraw Money From Lots Wallet?

As we have told you the money from Lots wallet can be used for Mobile recharge or can withdraw the money to your bank account. To withdraw the money to bank account first you need to complete the KYC. You need a minimum of Rs.100 to transfer the money to the bank.

  • Open the App
  • On the home page, you will see the option Money Transfer.
  • Click on It
  • First, complete KYC by giving an ID proof of your
  • KYC will be done in 2 to 3 days.
  • Once KYC is done you can redeem the money
  • Click on Money Transfer and enter a mobile number
  • Then enter your bank account
  • Enter the amount and click on Submit

This is how you can transfer the money to your bank account.

If you want you can also do business on this app from your home.



Best Digital Marketing Company in Jammu

Would you like to understand about the best digital marketing company in Jammu?

Traditional marketing has been challenged by digital marketing in today’s world of sensible phones and laptops. individuals are accessible tons of onlinethan on tv sets or outside hanging out with friends. The culture has become such individuals wish to look on-line, speak on-line, and eat on-line. during a shell, the online of things has created everything mobile-driven. With web property reaching resolute each home, individuals became school friendly and thus spends most of their time booking things online and saving the rest for the things they love. swing up a signboard on the road and enjoying the ads throughout the time doesn’t seem to be getting to facilitate that abundant in today’s world than enjoying ads on social media sites and YouTube or applications.

The application of digital media marketing is creating the companies surge with demand and provides of product to the patrons at a bigger speed. Therefore, applying the sensible techniques with the help of various tools of digital marketing would profit the companies to need advantage of the increasing demand within the client phase and earn a profit.


Everything is popping into digitized and would be automatic within the times to return. If individuals are using things that are connected to internet, then promotion agencies and digital marketers need to additionally return up with ways in which wherever there’s the foremost chance of traffic returning.

With everything turning into digital, the applying of programme improvement, social media marketing, AdWords goes to help the marketers to bag new opportunities and lure customers into buying their product.


With tons of and tons of network towers arising and new satellites being originated within the universe for the aim of making communication effectively, time goes to return once the network would be stronger than ever before. this is often often getting to create things simple, fast and clear. Network availableness and access goes to prove it instrumental in creating digital marketing the only because of reaching customers.

Increased Demand:

The coming years are getting to see the patrons obtaining prosperous than ever before. With tons of getting power, individuals would want to shop for tons of product and services. this is often often getting to facilitate things within the firms by creating them accessible online to the patrons and handling nice speed to urge the merchandise delivered to them with no trouble. this is often often getting to be another vital tool which may lure customers and thus the fight would be regarding this facet inside the competitors.

It’s an unhappy truth is that nearly all corporations haven’t got a planned digital marketing strategy. they merely fade the seat of their pants, doing a touch here and a touch there. But, if you develop an accurate digital marketing strategy, you’ll avoid many problems and build tons of integrated marketing approach.

Best Digital Marketing Company in Jammu


Digiweb Solutions is one among the digital marketing company located in Jammu. it’s rendered Quality and efficient work to the clients. they assist brands transform digitally by finding the proper strategy to all or any your digital marketing challenges. Its one among the simplest amazing effective and result oriented solutions for you. Digiweb Solutions assist you to enhance ROI using SEO, SMM, SEM, affiliate marketing services to b2b and b2c companies. They also assist you provide the customized Digital Marketing Services supported your audience.

It may be a leading global digital performance agency. the corporate helps many of the world’s most successful brands maximize their online marketing ROI through paid search, social media strategy, program optimization, display media, comparison shopping engines, conversion optimization, mobile marketing and attribution modeling and management, research, and other related services.

From conception we made sure that we set our foot into the huge universe of internet ventures which we knew the simplest and since then we’ve been making strides towards creative innovative and strategic benchmarks across the realm of digital marketing, with an adept talent pool and hunger for perfection we’ve been delivering the simplest results, bringing new market trends and have bought in additional business for all our clients.

Exceptional growth requires persistent, detailed testing and analysis, combined with bold, imaginative thinking.Our goal is to assist your customer value your products and services even more.Whatever the task, we are motivated to please, measure, and deliver.

We believe that each brand & its business objectives are unique hence we strictly execute a “No one size fits all” approach to make sure that business goals are aligned & achieved by optimizing ROI. we’ve worked with many brands across Jammu city from diverse industries, this expertise in handling diverse portfolio’s and self-innovation made us one among the leading digital marketing agencies. We are fast, transparent, accurate & reliable digital partner who has the potential to deliver scalable solutions within short turnaround.

We have a typical approach to any problem which involves 8 steps beginning with a correct consumer psychology research, online marketing research, competitor analysis. in any case this thorough analysis they are available up with a web strategy. Then, they are doing an enquiry optimization, use social media and paid campaigns to spread the word digitally. within the end, they create sure they need all the data analytics in situ.

This company is currently working with 24+ reputed clients in Jammu including Grandstand JammuGrubhouse JammuYougal Sons Jammu, Cuatro Jammu, Tea Factory Jammu, IBT Instiute Jammu, Looks Salon Jammu and lots of more.


1st Floor Choudhary Complex Marble Market, Jammu.