Firefox 74 makes it easy to import data from Microsoft Edge

Firefox 74 is now available to all users of the browser and, in case you had not noticed it yet, we will tell you about its main novelties, which are several and some deserve special attention. We remind you that since the year started, Firefox releases a new version every month, so the changes they present in each tend to be less.

For the owner, we have chosen to highlight the new option to import user data (bookmarks and history) from Microsoft Edge, although the truth is that it does not have much relevance, given the precarious market share held by both browsers, but there It is for whoever needs it. And beware, because everything seems to indicate that Edge will soon take second place from Firefox.

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What’s new Firefox 74

Speaking of the rest of the new features of Firefox 74, almost everything revolves a little around security and privacy, including the deactivation of the encryption protocols TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 in favour of TLS 1.2 (they can continue to be used, but will show an error message), or masking the IP address on voice and video calls using WebRTC.

Firefox 74

Other developments in this regard point to users of the new Lockwise password management system will find themselves with the option of reversing the alphabetical classification (Name ZA) to facilitate logins; and to Facebook Container users, who now have the possibility to apply exceptions to view comments and likes on pages external to the social network.

Finally, plugins installed by external applications can now be removed through the plugin manager; And they warn: in the future, only users, and not applications, will be able to install plugins. The rest, various security fixes and other internal improvements.


Well, and a change in usability level that veteran users who deal with a multitude of tabs at the same time will like: it’s over with dragging a tab – anchored or normal – and for a new window to open for its own sake. This erratic behaviour has finally been fixed and if you want to open a new window from a tab, you will have to do it on purpose.

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