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Apple’s Official Mac Wallpapers Pops Up Some Stylish Desktop Decor

If you’re looking to spruce up your Mac desktop, look no further than Apple’s official collection of wallpapers. Apple always includes a few dozen striking landscapes, abstract art, and iconic images with every major iteration of its operating system. So whether you’re running macOS Mojave, Catalina, or something else, you can choose from a selection of stunning wallpapers that will give your Mac a modern and stylish look.

What’s Included?

The included wallpapers range from simple gradients, to full-blown landscapes, and drawings. Apple has spent countless hours carefully crafting these images to fit perfectly on the Mac display, so you know you’re in good hands.

Here are just a few of the images included with the latest macOS versions:

  • A classic leather background
  • A historic library wallpaper
  • An ancient Chinese painting
  • A beautiful red-and-black marble to add some class
  • A very sleek, minimalistic monochrome paper

Where Can I Download Them?

Apple’s wallpapers are available as part of your macOS installation. They can be accessed by right clicking on your desktop and selecting ‘Change Desktop Background’. The downloaded images will also be included as part of any iTunes purchase.

You can also find a wide selection of Apple’s official Mac wallpapers online. Visit sites like here or here to check out an extensive collection of official Apple wallpapers.

Upgrade Your Desktop

If you’re looking for a way to add some style to your desktop, look no further than Apple’s official Mac wallpapers. These beautiful and artistic backgrounds will have your machine looking modern and sleek in no time.

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