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Naruto is finally forced to do something he did not want in Boruto



Naruto  faced the toughest adventures and enemies in his time as a child and the teenager in Naruto and  Naruto Shippuden . But in Boruto: Next Generation they can face their biggest challenge. Most of the elite ninjas that are known from the original series ended up becoming mentors and teachers, even Sasuke took Boruto as the main mantle, the main character of the homonymous series and the son of Naruto.

It is common in  Konoha , with the best future ninja shinobi training. Third Hokage, Minato, Kakashi Hatake  and even the legendary trio  Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru  put the students under their wing.

But this is a responsibility that Naruto has always avoided. Both his son Boruto, who trains with Sasuke, and his daughter Himawari, the training is given by Hinata and another Hyuga, Naruto has avoided this type of action with the younger ones.

Naruto master of Kawaki

Partly due to the fact that he did not consider himself mature enough for this task, something that his position as a Hokage  implies is not true. But it seems that he is finally going to follow the natural path to becoming a teacher with  Kawaki .

Naruto knows that the boy is a weapon of mass destruction and, like Naruto himself in his youth, is just a young man incredibly in need of parental care and guidance.

Despite being right, Naruto probably will not succeed in his job of saving Kawaki from perdition. Since the first episode of Boruto showed, in a stretch that supposedly happens in the future, that the young man will turn against Konoha and the rest of the shinobi

Not only that, but Naruto will also have to face the consequences with his own son, Boruto, who will surely be uncomfortable with the fact that he has never had that father’s attention. As all these relationships are going to develop, we will see in the next chapters of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.


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