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Now You See Me 3: release date, cast, updates



Now You See Me was a great movie, and the continuation seemed extremely promising; However, everything did not go according to plan because the second installment, Ahora Me Ves 2, did not resist the fanatical expectations. The reviews he compiled were not a source of pride either, but somehow he managed to win more than 330 million dollars at the box office, so Ahora Me Ves 3 was confirmed. Now, fans expect that with the third installment, the franchise will recover the loss.

The third movie was in his plan long before the second movie. Later, Variety reported that after the team finished filming Now You See Me 2 , Lionsgate CEO Jon Feitheimer revealed about the next Now You See Me 3. Jon said: “We have already begun planning ahead.” Now you see me 3, “Whatever it is, the project received a green signal, which is what, the fanatics of the franchise are interested.

Cast of Now you see me 3

According to reports, the main members will return for the continuation. Fans will be able to see Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Michael Caine, Mark Ruffalo and Morgan Freeman. According to Racing Junky, Lizzy Caplan will also make his return in the next ‘Now You See Me 3.’ Gavin James and Neil Widener are in charge of the script, while the sequel is directed by Jon M. Chu. The producers of the film are Bobby Cohen and Alex Kurtzman.

Now, according to the news reports, the rumors are serious on the Internet. Which suggests that the man behind Dr. Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch will make an appearance in ‘Now You See Me 3‘. This news has not yet been confirmed, but the rumors the situation is even more exciting.

‘Now You See Me 3’ will focus on a group of wizards of a criminal nature and is known as ‘The Four Horsemen’, and reports from various sources hint that Fisher Island is not willing to play Helney’s character. Which turns out to be one of the members of the Four Horsemen due to a nightmarish accident.

Release date of Now You See Me 3

According to several sources, Now You See Me 3 could be released sometime in 2019.




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