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One Piece Chapter 940 Spoilers, Release Date, Manga Link, Raw Scan & more



ONE PIECE CHAPTER Spoilers, raw scan, download manga link,

Do you want to know in detail about one piece chapter 940 spoilers, release date, manga link, raw scan?

This is where you can know everything about chapter 940 of this manga. Without any delay, let’s get started.

One Piece latest chapter is all set to release after one piece previous manga episode.

The Previous Chapter was quite interesting and made us think about everything that had occurred in the previous episode.

One Piece 940 Spoilers, Release Date, Raw Scans & more

ONE PIECE CHAPTER Spoilers, raw scan, download manga link,

One Piece: Chapter 940 Spoilers

One Piece is in the middle of its best arch of all time. Hyougoro, out of nowhere, knows a powerful and advanced weapon haki and Komurasaki, also known as Hiyori Kozuki, could be the real sister of Momonusuke. This is a publication dedicated to the release date of One Piece 940 and spoilers. If you do not want to read any spoilers, please, stay away from this publication.

Chapter 939 of One Piece was titled “An old leopard knows the way”. In this chapter, we were able to see Hiyori Kozuki, also known as Komurasaki, who tells Roronoa Zoro what the real Hiyori Kozuki is like, but everything seems so obvious and I think Oda is trying to fool us into believing that Komurasaki is the real Hiyori . However, for now, she is Hiyori Kozuki.

Meanwhile, in Udon Prison we saw Monkey D Luffy trying to shoot down an opponent using a new advanced weapon technique, but he has a hard time trying.

Surprisingly, Hyougoro knows this super strong technique by which one can damage opponents without touching them. It raises many questions, as if Hyougoro is so strong and powerful, why he allowed everyone in prison to be trampled under his feet.

ONE PIECE CHAPTER Spoilers, raw scan, download manga link,

Now, getting to the spoilers of the next chapter of the One Piece manga. In this chapter, we will see how Monkey D Luffy learns this new and powerful Hyougoro technique. Apparently, Luffy now has full control over his advanced observation haki and in the next chapter he could learn to use this technique as well. Witnessing this training session of Monkey D Luffy will be the same Queen the Plague.

He is bound to be irritated by the fact that Monkey D Luffy treats his execution ceremony as a training camp. He could, at last, take matters into his own hands and get into the ring himself. But Queen’s opponent in Wano could be anyone other than Luffy.

Therefore, Big Mom could be arriving at a perfect time for the breakup of Monkey D Luffy and Hyougoro along with Kawamatsu. So, let’s see how things develop in the next chapter of the One Piece manga.

Raw Scans on Chapter 940 of One Piece

The raw scans of Chapter No. 940 of Manga One Piece are yet not available. Until then, take a look at the raw scan of the Previous manga episode.

ONE PIECE CHAPTER Spoilers, raw scan, download manga link,

One Piece Manga Chapter no. 940 Release Date

The official release of this chapter is going to be on 22nd April 2019 worldwide. But, if you read manga online, you can expect a bit early.

One Piece Chapter’s Manga Link

As soon as this manga episode gets released, we will try to extract the manga link for you guys to make it even more convenient. Just visit the link down below after its release date i.e 1st April. But in case, you want to read any previous Manga of One Piece from Chapters 1 to 939, I will suggest you use KissManga which is my personal favorite to read Manga online for free.


In case, it isn’t opening, use VPN to unblock the website to read Manga online or opt for other Manga reading sites such as Manga Fox, Manga Freak, Manga Panda,, & Manga Stream.



Conclusion – One Piece Manga 940

This was all regarding one piece anime latest Ch. number 940. All the information including spoilers, prediction, raw scans, manga link, best moments, maps, plot and more are given above. In case, you feel that any kind of vital information is missing in this article, you may let us know through the comment section below.

Disclaimer: is not the original source of these spoilers. All the information has been collected from many sources around the internet.

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  5. محمد غزالي شريف الدين

    March 1, 2019 at 9:47 pm

    What if luffy defeating queen. We already se page one down. Jack is no where near luffy as we can see, he is only on shutenmaru level.
    Queen and King should be on straw hat crew level but it’s only a matter of how far luffy manage to train himself under seastone handcuffs.
    It would be a good step up before luffy and co fight with kaido once again.

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