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Instagram: Steps to deactivate an account temporarily 2019



Instagram: Steps to deactivate an account temporarily 2019

Instagram is the social network with the most active users daily, in fact, many of us spend a good amount of minutes or hours submitted to the App watching the new stories or publications of the people we follow. It is possible that for some reason you are intending to close your Instagram account, and this time we will teach you how to deactivate an Instagram account temporarily.

Deactivate Instagram account temporarily

Many users would like to be able to close or deactivate an Instagram account temporarily , that is only for a while and then reopen it, this option is valid and is one of the most sought after, since generally those who want to deactivate their account are because they would like to stop appearing in the social network and stop using it only for a while.

Doing this is easy and in fact simpler than you imagine, it will not take you long, although you should know that you will need a PC, where you can navigate on the Instagram web platform, since there the process will be completed easier and fast, although in the same way it can be done through the cell phone but here we will show you all the steps that you must follow from a computer.

Temporarily disable Instagram profile

  1. Open the Instagram website
  2. Sign in with your account information
  3. Now go to your profile 
  4. Click on “edit profile”
  5. In the lower part will appear an option that will say: “Deactivate my account temporarily”, press there
  6. Now they will ask you a question, in which you will have to answer why you want to disable your account
  7. Finally, click on “Temporarily disable the account”.

Temporary closure of Instagram 2019

The steps are fast and simple, the best of all is that you can re-activate the account at the time you want, you can spend hours, days, weeks or months with the account disabled and to re-enable it you will only have to log in with the respective data so that it is reactivated automatically, you can enjoy Instagram again. 

The best thing is that once you reactivate the account again you will have all the content you had in your account, publications, videos and even the stories that you added as highlighted since these are fixed in the profile and will not be deleted unless you do it.


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