The Google Assistant is updated with smart suggestions: searching for information will be even faster

Google prepares a good battery of updates for 2020, from Android 11 to news for both its application and its Assistant. Precisely today the deployment of a new function for Google Assistant, related to suggestions, has begun.

Specifically, the Assistant will begin to show quick suggestions, so that it is easier for us to indicate in text what we want him to do or look for. The integration begins to be distributed today, and will progressively reach all devices with the Assistant installed.

Personalized suggestions for the Assistant

As we read in Android Police, Google has started distributing a new feature for its Assistant. He has done it on those devices that have installed the beta v10.97.6 of the Google app although, being an update via server, it is not yet available to all users (we have tested with this beta and we do not have it active) .

With these suggestions we will save ourselves writing the next word in the sentences. Google will try to guess it for us based on the data stored on our searches.

The suggestions start at the moment we start writing in the Assistant. When activating the keyboard, suggestions related to what we are looking for will be displayed. For example, if we want to search for ‘What is …’ we can suggest a ‘this’, if we give the order to ‘turn on …’, it will recommend one of the devices that we have linked to Google Home, etc. In short, suggestions to save us write the odd word, which Google will try to guess for us.

As we have indicated, the function has begun to be distributed in the last beta through the server, so it will reach the rest of the users of said beta first and, subsequently, there will be deployment for users of the version stable.

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