The dark mode of WhatsApp on iPhone is better than Android

They have been months anticipating the future novelty, weeks testing it in the beta of the application and just yesterday WhatsApp ended up releasing the dark mode to all who use the mobile application, whether they are Android or iPhone users. It was a highly anticipated novelty that almost completely changes the sensations of the app. Although yes, the dark interface of Android is not equal to that of the iPhone.

The dark mode of WhatsApp has reached everyone, so just download the latest stable version to enjoy the renewed interface. Perfect to use at night, with a more solid appearance, ideal to consume a bit less energy and with a different approach for each of the mobile platforms: dark grey backgrounds for Android; in black for iPhone.

iPhone stays the true dark mode of WhatsApp

As you will know from all the applications and custom layers you have tried, not all ‘dark modes’ are the same. The principle is the same: avoid clear, mostly white backgrounds, which tend to blind in gloomy situations and also increase phone consumption. Developers often opt for different dark shades ranging from grey to ‘almost black’; while others literally opt for solid black, the true dark mode.

The sensation between both shades is very different since it is not the same to have a dark hue than to use blacks in most of the interface: the solidity, consistency and harmony that the second option provides are superior. This is what happens when facing the new WhatsApp mode on Android and iPhone as the company has chosen not to place the black funds in the stable version for the Google system; thereby creating an aspect difference in which the iOS version wins.


As you can see in the screenshots, the difference between the two dark interfaces is more than remarkable: the black iPhone backgrounds on the cover, menus and conversations are much more successful and consistent. On the other hand, WhatsApp on Android opts for the contrasts of shades by choosing a kind of dark turquoise for the backgrounds of the application and a grey, also dark, in the headers. The colour palette in this operating system is wider, but also less uniform. And surely defenders do not like so much the authentic dark mode, that of pure blacks.


The use of the application has not changed in any of the operating systems since WhatsApp still has the same functions and identical design. So the sensations remain in the personal field; As much as there is an improvement in WhatsApp for iPhone: its dark mode consumes less energy on OLED panels since mostly solid black is used.

The solid blacks of WhatsApp on iPhone should allow the application to consume less battery

A small trick to maximize savings on Android is to choose the dark theme and a solid black colour for the background of the conversations: you can do it from the WhatsApp settings, within ‘Chats’. There you will see the ‘Background’ option: you just have to choose the black one within the ‘Solid Color’ options.

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Android does have an advantage: Theme button

Although the dark mode of the iPhone is better at home with what that mode means, iOS users do not have a button with which to activate it since the theme is associated with the system. This implies that its users cannot choose a clear interface for the rest of the applications and dark on WhatsApp: or one thing or another for all applications installed on the phone. A disadvantage that makes a difference in WhatsApp.

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